Tips For Writing All Your Skills On A Resume

If you are trying to get a new job, you likely have to brush up your resume and get it so that it is as recent as possible. This is important because it will allow you to stand out when recruiters are going through stacks of resumes and therefore increase your chances of getting an interview. However, you might have a bunch of new skills that you don't have on your resume yet. [Read More]

Common Myths About Personal Injury Claims Debunked

Each year, over 2.5 million people in the US are injured or disabled in car accidents. It's a difficult thing to think about, but car accidents can happen any time, anywhere. Unfortunately, they often happen to people who don't have enough money to pay excessive medical bills or can't afford to miss work. These people rely on the money awarded their insurance settlement to keep them afloat. But, what happens if the claim is denied or the settlement isn't enough? [Read More]

Meeting Environmental Compliance with Your Company's Oil and Gas Pipelines: How a Consultant Can Help

A major issue for many companies that expand into wilderness territory is environmental compliance. If you are not compliant, you could get into some serious legal trouble from environmentalists as well as government agencies. If you are expanding your company into undeveloped territories, a consultant who specializes in oil and gas compliance can help in the following ways. Locate All of the Underground Aquifers A consultant will help your company locate all of the underground aquifers in the area where you plan to build and run oil and gas lines into the building. [Read More]

3 Considerations For Location-Based Compensation Structures

Remote work is becoming more popular, with 60 percent of partially remote workers wanting to leave their jobs for a fully remote position. Remote work allows companies to reduce overhead costs, increase employee productivity, and reduce environmental impact. It also allows companies to hire the top talent in the U.S. or abroad without worrying about employee relocation. However, if you are considering hiring fully remote employees, it is important to develop a solid approach to location-based compensation structures. [Read More]