4 Question To Ask A Sales Management Recruiter Before Hiring Them

Outsourcing the hiring of new sales managers can save your company time. It can also help your company find the most qualified candidates, as sales management recruiters specialize in connecting businesses with sales managers. The success of your company's outsourcing efforts, however, will depend on the quality of the sales management recruiter you decide to contract with. Here are four questions you can use when interviewing sales management recruiters to find the most qualified recruiter who will find the best candidates for your company.

Who will be interviewing applicants?

When contracting with a sales management recruiter, you want to make sure they -- and not someone else -- will be working for you. They should be the person who will interview candidates, since they're the person who will be working directly with your company. If they subcontract the interviewing process to another recruiter, the person interviewing potential candidates won't have first-hand knowledge of what you're looking for in an employee.

Do you have any professional certifications?

Ideally, a recruiter won't just have recruiting certifications, but they'll also have one or two sales management certifications. If a recruiter has a few certifications in the field they're looking for, they probably have an established network within the industry and will know several people who are qualified for the position. Even if they don't know an individual who is interested in your company's opening themselves, someone in their network may know a qualified applicant who is interested.

How will the company be branded?

Recruiting is more than just hiring. It involves branding a company to prospective employees. The more attractive a recruiter is able to make your company appear, the more interested prospective applicants will be in the open position.

Where will you look for prospective employees?

Posting openings to online job boards is a standard way of recruiting employees, and it's one of the best. Online job boards shouldn't be the only method a recruiter uses to find sales managers for you, though. They should also:

  • post the opening on social media platforms
  • notify professionals in their network of the opening
  • already have a few people in mind for the position
  • take out ads in industry-relevant publications

Outsourcing the hiring of sales managers will let you focus on other tasks, but you should take a few moments to find the right person to contract with. Asking these four questions will help you find the most qualified sales management recruiter, who will be able to find the most qualified sales manager for your company.