Experienced A Recent Hospital Stay? 4 Reasons You Should Fill Out The Patient Survey

If you've spent time in a hospital recently, chances are you're going to receive a patient experience survey in the mail. The survey will relate directly to the care you received while hospitalized. You aren't required to fill the questionnaire out. In fact, many people don't fill them out. However, you might be doing yourself, and others, a huge disservice by not returning your survey. Here are four reasons why you might want to take the time to answer the questions and return the survey.

Improves Patient Care

Hospitals make changes to their patient care practices based on the information they receive from patient surveys. If your recent hospital stay required pain medication, and your pain was not properly managed, your hospital can use that information to improve the way they administer pain medication to their patients.

Hospitals Use it To Measure Their Performance

When you fill out – and return – a patient survey form, the information is relayed back to the hospital where you received your care. Your answers are used to assess the level of care that patients receive in the hospital. It's also used to determine where changes need to be made within the facility. Whether you had a successful hospital visit or there were problems associated with your stay, the hospital needs your information to monitor their performance.

Your Answers Can Help Others Choose a Hospital for Their Care

The answers you provide on your patient survey don't just stay within the hospital. Your answers are provided on websites in the form of statistical data. Individuals looking to choose a hospital can access those websites and utilize the information you've provided. That information can help them choose a hospital that's right for them. For instance, if you've had a unique procedure performed, there may be others in need of the same procedure that could benefit from the information you provide.

Survey Responses Impact Medicare Reimbursement

You might not realize this but hospitals receive Medicare reimbursement based on statistical information received by patient surveys. Too many unfavorable patient surveys and hospitals risk losing some of their reimbursement funds. Likewise, an increase in favorable surveys can provide hospitals with much-needed revenue that can help them continue their high-quality care.

Now that you're home from the hospital, you'll probably receive a patient survey in the mail. Don't throw it away. The answers you provide on the survey will help the hospital provide the proper care.