Meeting Environmental Compliance with Your Company's Oil and Gas Pipelines: How a Consultant Can Help

A major issue for many companies that expand into wilderness territory is environmental compliance. If you are not compliant, you could get into some serious legal trouble from environmentalists as well as government agencies. If you are expanding your company into undeveloped territories, a consultant who specializes in oil and gas compliance can help in the following ways.

Locate All of the Underground Aquifers

A consultant will help your company locate all of the underground aquifers in the area where you plan to build and run oil and gas lines into the building. This will help you avoid running oil and gas lines into, through, or over the tops of these aquifers, thereby avoiding any possible future leaks of oil and gas into the local watershed supply. If your factory also utilizes and taps into underground water, you will want to avoid crossing your oil, gas, and water intake lines too.

Verify Correct Pipes and Plumbing Installation for the Area

Different states have different codes for pipe types and plumbing installation. Even when the lines are commercial gas and oil lines, the rules and regulations in your home state may vary significantly from the area into which you hope to build another factory. The consultant conducts all of the necessary research and creates a dossier for you to read and for your construction crew to follow when they begin excavation and construction.

Address Environmental Concerns with Regard to Wildlife

Another issue with compliance that your consultant can help with is the environmentalist concerns with regard to local wildlife. The consultant will research all of the local wildlife and the possible issues with interrupting life cycles of the creatures that currently live in your designated construction zone. For example, if you intend to drain a marsh and run gas and oil lines through, the consultant will look at how that might affect the creatures living there. Will it cause an endangered species to become extinct? These are the things that could become quite the hassle with environmentalists and animal rights activists if you do not take preventive measures and familiarize yourself with the area where you intend to build and expand.

Check with the Federal EPA Guidelines 

Last but not least, your consultant can check the federal EPA guidelines regarding your factory's gas and oil lines. Every step of the way during the construction process, the consultant can verify and make sure that any sudden changes in direction of the pipes or alterations to construction plans are still in compliance with the EPA. Since unexpected changes in construction can occur at any time for any number of reasons, you will want to hire a consultant for the entire duration of the construction of your new factory.

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