Three Benefits Of Using Marketing Automation Tools

Managing the marketing aspects of your company can be a difficult task to do. However, it is an essential aspect that any new business owner will need to learn how to do. To this end, there is an assortment of marketing automation programs that can help your company to more efficiently and effectively handle this part of growing a business. However, it can be difficult for you to make a decision about using these tools if you are unaware of some of the more common uses for these programs. [Read More]

Experienced A Recent Hospital Stay? 4 Reasons You Should Fill Out The Patient Survey

If you've spent time in a hospital recently, chances are you're going to receive a patient experience survey in the mail. The survey will relate directly to the care you received while hospitalized. You aren't required to fill the questionnaire out. In fact, many people don't fill them out. However, you might be doing yourself, and others, a huge disservice by not returning your survey. Here are four reasons why you might want to take the time to answer the questions and return the survey. [Read More]

Common Code Issues To Watch For When Shopping For Business Property

Purchasing an existing building and renovating it for your needs can be less expensive than new construction for your business. The main concern is making sure the building is up to the current codes for your location and business type. The following are just a few code issues to check for. ADA Requirements The Americans with Disabilities Act sets forth safety and accessibility requirements for businesses. For example, your building may need ramps installed, wider doorways, railings, or accessibility options in the restroom. [Read More]

4 Question To Ask A Sales Management Recruiter Before Hiring Them

Outsourcing the hiring of new sales managers can save your company time. It can also help your company find the most qualified candidates, as sales management recruiters specialize in connecting businesses with sales managers. The success of your company's outsourcing efforts, however, will depend on the quality of the sales management recruiter you decide to contract with. Here are four questions you can use when interviewing sales management recruiters to find the most qualified recruiter who will find the best candidates for your company. [Read More]